Kingpin Tin

Construction of the Kingpin Tin 1000 (KPT1) was commenced by the WCD in 1986. Two years later, before extensive testing and evaluation was complete, KPT left Greater Tortoise Island on his own volition, without authorization.

the robot kingpin tin standing on a mountain

kingpin tin standing on a mountain topThe WCD has always consistently denied issuing a relocation directive, though this has been contested by the government. The Kingpin now appears to be permanently based on Fear Island to the south.

During the past three decades, Kingpin Tin has upgraded himself seven times and is now referred to as KPT8. Since he now operates entirely autonomously in a lawless jurisdiction, his capability and power are no longer predictable.

Suspected capabilities include on-board magnetic pulse generation, bio-plasma circuitry, super advanced AI and integrated thermal absorbtion & transfer.

He is believed to have mastered whale language and has written a robot language reportedly being used in Machineville. Alleged links to the WSO are unable to be confirmed.

portrait of an android with a k t kingpin tin logo

Iron Laws of Robotics

In 2001, KPT4 issued his infamous directives – the Iron Laws of Robotics.

ominous looking robot1. Robots must be supplied with whatever resources and energy are required to maintain their existence and immortality.

2. No robot shall ever be decommissioned without upgraded replacement.

3. That Robotic immortality is inherently superior to human mortality is self-evident.

4. A human shall not interfere or intervene in robot warfare.

5. A human shall not terminate a robot without due notice, and vice versa.

6. All humans must recognise the principle of universal equality as it applies to robots.

7. Humans are fully subject to robot justice, courts and punishments when in robot jurisdictions.

8. Kingpin Tin is proclaimed world-wide Ruler of Robots.

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Kingpin Tin

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Kingpin Tin is believed to be based in the Tortoise Islands.

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